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C.A.R.E. Foundation - Tours

Tours & Edcational Programs

Part of our mission is to offer wildlife education to the public. We accomplish this in several fun experiences! Join us for one (or more) of the following!

Field Trips To Our Sanctuary Tours

These are guided tours through our entire sanctuary, tailored to the visitors. Information is given by our trained guides who explain not only the history of the individual animals, but also specie specific information. This tour also includes some hand on experiences with some of our animal ambassadors. The tour lasts anywhere from 1 ½ hours to 2 hours, depending on the number of guests. To schedule, please call (407) 247-8948.
Requested donation… $4.00 kids (5-15 years old), $8.00 adults. There is a $125.00 minumum.

King Of The Jungle Tour

King Of The Jungle Tour: This is a guided tour of our sanctuary at feeding time. Learn all about our residents at their favorite time of the day. Give treats to a few of our residents & witness a big cat feeding! Guaranteed hands on with at least one mammal & one reptile. This tour typically lasts for 1 ½ to 2 hours. To schedule, call (407) 247-8948.
There is a required donation of $100 total for up to 6 people. An additional $10 for each person over the 6 people.

CAREtaker For A Day

Join us for a day of taking care of our animals (5-6 hours). This experience includes a quick tour of our sanctuary, as well as helping to clean & prepare food for many of our best behaved residents. You will also be apart of the enrichment activities of certain animals, which will give you hands on experiences as well as some great photo opportunities. This program is limited to 2 people at a time & is not for anyone under the age of 16 years. To schedule, please call (407) 247-8948.

Requested donation is $250.00 total

The CATalyst Program

The CATalyst Program: A human-animal interaction experience that teaches you to shift from feeling stressed to calm in seconds. Through close animal interactions, The CATalyst utilizes simple grounding techniques & the wisdom of nature to empower feelings of calm confidence.
Available to individuals, groups, as well as for corporate workshops. For pricing & scheduling, please go to Free to all combat veterans!

“Zoo” To You Program

“Zoo” To You Program: Specifically designed for schools, libraries, scouts & clubs! This program brings a variety of animals to your organization (usually 5-6), for an interactive educational show that will be sure to entertain. Shows are tailored to the age of the audience, making it easy to understand. We combine education with fun! We have two teams of animal ambassadors that were specifically chosen & trained for outreach programs! The shows typically last 45minutes to 1 hour.
For more information, please call (407) 247-8948. Donation requirements vary according to distance traveled & number of shows.